Maintaining Placements Program

What Is Our Maintaining Placements Program?

Our Maintaining Placements Program (MPP) supports foster and kinship carers, so that you can continue to provide a supportive and stable environment to children within your care. The MPP is an intensive, in-home intervention program designed to meet the individual needs of each family.

  • Providing intervention services to support carers and their families
  • Improving stability in placements (foster, kinship or residential care placements)
  • Providing carers with information, guidance, and practical strategies to enhance the safety and wellbeing of children within their care

Our MPP team works intensively with carers and their families, with the goal of maintaining stability in placements. We will assist carers to develop the skills to support children in their care, and to maintain stable placements. Our approach involves:

  • Intensive, in-home support for foster and kinship carers
  • Supporting carers to meet the needs of children in their care, and to keep them healthy and safe
  • Increasing stability of placements
  • Providing carers with practical strategies to enhance the family unit
  • Enhancing carer knowledge and skills to manage challenging behaviours
  • Supporting healthy attachments between carers and children
  • Counselling and support for both carers and children

The Maintaining Placements Program is an intensive in-home intervention program, involving regular in-home support for foster, kinship or residential carers. The program is designed to meet the individual needs of the carers and children involved, however typically involves intensive intervention and support over a period of 3 months. This intensive model allows our team to establish a relationship with all individuals involved, so that we can effectively help you to meet your individual needs. We then provide ongoing education, practical strategies, support and guidance to guide you in most effectively supporting the children within your care. Our team provides ongoing counselling and support for both carers and children, as well as support to access other relevant services.